Who Am I?

Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD in science, somewhere in Europe. And prior to that I had a two year experience as a graduate student in the U.S. And before that I was an undergraduate in India. So if the blog posts look like a khichdi of multinational opinions, I hope you can excuse.

Other than my day job as a researcher, I pursue art in free time. Art, mostly in the form of reading and writing. I plan to write a novel and get it published someday (this line I copied from another blog cuz it seems every1 is using it, so I thought why not me)

Well, I know, about me and all sounds too sophisticated on first glance, but trust me all the PhD-She-HD, and art-shart is just a joke, I basically troll on the internet all the time with this silly blog. If you really want to know about me, you can read a couple of my posts, you'll get the idea. I don't know why I am writing this who am I section anyway.

There's no point if you try to probe in my personal life or other details, because I'd like to keep it quite anonymous. And I'm not a social person anyway, so there's no facebook, twitter and similar crap for me. The reason is that I often write stinging stuff on the blog and even bitch about people who I live & work with, so it's not really nice if they come to know about this blog. But yes, if you're a random stranger, seeking fun, and would like to read some shit, welcome.

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