A Letter from a Son to a Father...

Hmm, so hey fellas, how's summer?

I know it's pretty hot. Really hot. But well, doesn't keep us from writing, does it? Although I am not writing much new today. It's just that there is a certain "unsent letter" that I am sharing with you which is a sort of fiction piece I submitted to a website long back.

I had it submitted around 5-6 months, but till now heard nothing from the publisher, so I am considering that it has been rejected or ignored (lol). Although I am not very sure why, because I thought it had everything what they were looking for. But anyway, here it is, for you, for free! :)

The contest was basically to submit an "unsent letter" which is by definition a letter which you write to someone but then you don't send it due to many reasons. You may be too shy to send it or something like that. Basically, it becomes an Unsent Letter. I wrote this letter from a son to a dad.

Mind you, its a pure work of fiction. No correlations whatsoever with reality, I love my father eternally.

Dear Dad

I have picked up my pen once again to say things that I have been trying to say since long. Things that I wanted to say all these years. Things that I avoided. I want to say those words that I could never utter before. Words that were left unsaid.

Are We Ready?

Are we ready? 

Ready? Ready for what?

To explore.

As summer draws near, we all are approaching towards an end of session. For me and many of my friends, this end is quite significant. For this is almost like the end of an era. We are finally finishing our respective college's and degrees. And, we stand on the brink of a new road.

Rather, we stand on the edge.

What lies ahead? Some of us know, some of us don't. I have some faint visions of the near future but it's not sure. Not too sure. But there is something coming, that I am very sure about. It might be a nightmare. It might be a wonderful dream. But it will be something different.

Different than what he have felt or seen in all these tenders years of our life.

We are setting out in the real world. From the comfortable shade of our parents and supportive shoulders of our friends we are entering into a difficult world. Mind you, it's my perception that the world out there is evil. There is so much darkness out there ready to consume you if you do not light yourself enough.

Like a candle you will have to fight.

When I am happy...

When I am happy, my eyes are moist. 

No matter how cold or careless I pretend myself to be, emotions do flow. I would often tell myself, that I do not care or am not just that poor emo creature. It may be true that in some aspects and towards some fields, I may be cold and emotionless, but when it comes to some things which I really care about, it's hard to be cold. Things, which I love.

Those things, they can make you cry or laugh. But they do affect you. And that's what most important. Today one of those things has touched me, made me smile, made me cry. It's ironical though, how these two opposite states of emotion can exist in parallel, but they do. Rather, they did. You have seen that a lot in movies and drama. You probably have yourself gone through this as well.

But I, I have felt that today. Not that it's the first time, but yes, it is one of those strongest times.

When I am happy, I am excited. Enthusiasm flows beyond control. Right from the accelerated heartbeat to your trembling hands, it flows. If you try sleeping this state, it's not really possible. Because when you close your eyes, there is no darkness to lull you down to deep slumber.

There is only light.

The Decisions: Good or Bad?

Following is an excerpt from a forward email I got a few days back. Below this is my view on the same.

We live surrounded by our alternates, what we could have been.

Oh, if I only had that last number right (just one and I'd hit the lotto), accepted that job, finished that course, got there earlier, got there later, said yes, said no, went to London, married Dora, taken that test…

Right now in this Imaginary bar where I drink to forget what I've never done (the bar is actually called "Imaginary") sat a guy by my rigt side and introduced himself:

"I am you, had you taken that test at the soccer team"
He really has my age and looks. The same grimace.
Why is that? Wasn't your life better than mine?
"For a while. I played the major league. Got to the national squad. Major deal. Lived the big life. Until one day..."
"I know, I know..." Said someone sat beside him.
We both stared our interloper. Had our age and looks and not a bit happier. He went on:
"You hesitated. Should I stay in net or charge the attacker? You stayed, got scored on and fell in disgrace. Dropped soccer and became a mediocre advertiser"

"How do you know that?"

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