Harsh Facts of Grad Life


I guess I have painted a too rosy picture before y'all in my previous posts (not that the picture is in fact rosy but there are some (some?) thorns TOO)

Bringing before you another post where I jot down points over a period of time and publish when I feel they are of considerable length.

6th September 10:15 AM I remember talking about technology etc in my last post. But technology can hurt, people ;p I got locked out yesterday. 

Went to drink water outside the office and jarred the door midway using a dustbin so that when I come back I need not swipe card and unlock. Also I didn't want to carry my card or cellphone just for a minute down the corridor. And when I come back, my colleague sort of didn't knew I was out, so he replaced the dustbin and let the door lock and then left. I come back and find myself locked out. It was Sunday, no1 else was in the building. LoL. (Later I found some friends who called the university police and an officer came and helped me break in.)

-7th September, 11:16 PM. I just returned from taking out the huge trash. Yeah my roommates make me do all the labor work since I am not able to do the artistic work aka "cooking". So they cook and I clean.


As I exited the warm atmosphere of my house and descended the wooden stairs, a chilly breeze struck my bare arm - bent down by the weight of the trash. I watched my slow steps as I moved towards the giant trash can at the end of the colony. Before I could reach the garbage tank, my eyes fell upon a feline creature that lingered around. Or rather, the feline creature's yellow crescent eyes fell upon ME. Mortified and frozen for a few seconds, I hurled the trash baggage into the air aiming towards the tank that lay 10 metres away. I am not sure where it landed but my feet did land on the stairs to my apartment, seconds later.

(Prolly it was just a stupid cat looking for potential dinner. Grad life gives you fantasy imagination.)

- 9th September, 3:14 PM. I just ate the MAGGI I brought for lunch today. I had cooked it last night and now microwaved before eating. It tasted like shit. Hard frozen from the inside kinda shit. Not that I have tasted real shit. But this thing would have been close.

9th September, 12:11 PM The pain in my neck and back is so much that I am unable to sleep. I have to wake at 6:30 AM tomorrow as well.

11th September 2:21 PM Sometimes (always?) you work on saturdays and sundays.

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