On Cooking

Its makes my roomateses jaws dropses.  
So when it comes to cooking (or microwaving for that matter) my basic requirements are that the food should be quick, easy and delicious.

I am not too hot about the nutritional content shit. Although I do try to employ some cheap tricks to get all those goddamn nutritions packed in one tight morsel. In short, I abuse turmeric powder.

Anyway, my cooking strategy involves a net 2 hours of cooking once a week on Sundays which basically prepares forthcoming 14 meals for the next 7 days. Dinner and lunch of every single day. For breakfast, I try to gallop cornflakes and all. Heard they give you some nutritional shit. I don't believe that crap.

I like to munch them though. It's while munching cornflakes that I have got the most brilliant artistic/scientific ideas of my life. I don't know what's in them.

And I know there are people out there who spend about 2 hrs of cooking daily. Goddamn daily. One of them is my mother. The rest of them, well, you can figure it out. I can't afford that. I just can't. I just don't like it.

1 mouth, 2 containers, 4 dishes.
'Cooking food' is like 'washing dishes'. You don't wanna do it. That's all. If, while doing any of these two tasks, you ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Was I born for this?" I suggest you, my friend, stop doing that, at that very moment. You can spend your life doing better things.

Abuse disposable plastic ware. Screw the environment etc. Have a life.

Anyway, I can keep on giving tips on making your life efficient till the point you quit this silly blog's window and go back to your facebook/youtube, so I'll stop.

Tip: Mix at higher temperature, null out the Enthalpy effect and reduce your Gibb's free energy of mixing so that final mix follows the arrow of time ultimately increasing the total entropy of the system. 

But of course no matter you do, even if you just give 2hrs of cooking every week or even become more efficient than that, you just can't beat the Chinese. You just bloody can't. 

Current Book: "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by James Joyce
Current Music: "Witchcraft" by Pendulum

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Anonymous said...

y do u need to put these delicious looking picturessss.. its making my mouth water now.. :(..

Anonymous said...

hahaaa.. how sweet.. But I am tooooo far from ur place.. :)

Anonymous said...

If you cooked that food, and that's part of the two-hour-a-week regime, I'm very impressed! :O

Arkantos said...

According to me cooking is as much an art and a science as anything else in the world. It is an act of pure creation and you kinda feel empowered when you cook a really tasty dish. And that is precisely why I cook at least 1 hr each day, eating the food immediately after I cook, when it is the most fresh, the most nutritious and the most tasty. I hate that frozen ready to eat shit..LOL! People say that cooking daily is a waste of time and you can cook once for 4-5 days. I say to them, that I can cut 25 minutes of facebook, 20 minutes of idle talk and 15 minutes of sleep of each day to gain that one hour of cooking. I realized that the problem is not time...but is of laziness! Well, if my masters doesnt go out well, I think I should try my hands as a chef ;)

Anonymous said...

and I am sure u are from the 2nd category ( the category of boring people ) nishant.. :D

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