Unanswered Questions

These days, I always wonder about these questions no matter I'm free or busy. They just haunt my mind every now and then. I wonder why?

Q#1 Why do some people still think that life in US is like this?

Q#2 Why that little hot chick in the gym is usually reviewing her chemistry notes while running on the jogging machine?

Q#3 Why my average of words/day output of fiction writing is so terribly less?

Q#4 Why my Chinese peers are just SO DAMN GOOD at everything (researching/sporting/flirting)?

Q#5 Why I miss Her so much?

Q#6 Where do the ducks go when the lake is frozen? No, really, where do they really go?

Q#7 Why the roads are so goddamn slippery?

Q#8 Why every casual sentence spoken by Holden Caulfield has so much depth in it? How?

Q#9 What does a Chick mean when she emails and say, "We ought to do lunch sometime!"

Q#10 What's the bloody meaning of ought anyway?

Current Book: "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger (Still)
Current Music: "Dilli..." from No One Killed Jessica

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