A pleasant wind caressing my face, playing with locks of my hair, hair that I throw aside from my eyes, eyes that look down at the vast ground, ground where the green grass is, green grass growing out of the new land, pushing from beneath the dead, flat leaves that dance upon the busy road, busy road with convertible cars, open hoods and crazy girls, girls with twinkling eyes, red hair and low skirts, low skirts frolicking upon their long legs looking down upon red, pink sandals arguing with chastity, chastity of those naked trees with hungry branches, branches that sharply point the sky like lightning bolts, like tridents waiting to be taken, to be accepted, accepted by a new life, by a new season, by new leaves on their branches and bodies, bodies that roam around in two's, like couples, having faces, faces that smile. And lo! The spring has come.

Current Book: "The Grapes of Wrath" By John Steinback [Still :(]
Current Music: "Fireflies" - Owl City

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