Auditions for Shakespeare

She stepped into the car in a hurry, and slammed the front door a bit too hard. She was late. She drove the car out of the garage, and geared up to her destination on 45 miles an hour.

Outside, it was raining heavily. Thick raindrops fell lavishly on her front shield which were then constantly squished out by the careless yet periodic wipers. She did not like rain. Especially that day when it became an obstacle in finding the place where they were holding the auditions for Shakespeare.

She had read enough Shakespeare by now, she told herself, convincing her heart to stay calm and confident. It had been six months with Shakespeare's major plays, she noticed. Yes, she did remember the 18 lines she had rehearsed for the audition, she told that too to herself.

The violent rain didn't keep her forever from finally making it to the audition place. She parked too much on the outside, and so ran to the far off building, trying her best to stay as dry as possible. She was going to perform after all.

She performed. They approved. Then judges asked her to do a few more scenes for them. She did. They liked it, certainly they did. Before she left, a director met her way and said,

"You-you were good," the director nodded several times and continued, "Yeah, that was nice."

"Mm-hmmh, umm?" She tried not to sound nervous.

"I am going to direct A Midsummer's Night Dream and that's what you're interested in, right?"

"Umm, yeah, mmm-hmmm."

"Yeah, we''ll have callbacks on Thursday, once the auditioning process is over."

"M-mmm, umm, so, so, do-do I-?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, don't worry. I'll give ya a call."

And with that she left the room, and marched off to the exit of the building. A rare expression had crawled upon her face, which no one had ever really seen on her, except the receptionist that sat across the exit door of that building.

This time, she didn't run. Nor did she wear her over-coat to shield herself from the windy rain. She let the raindrops strike her face, and let the wind slap her waist as she walked through the storm, smiling.

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