Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Really SUCKED Hard

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Really SUCKED Hard:

Yeah, no kidding.

I was too excited and skipping about in my frock, and all prepared to end the decade old legend after refreshing my mind by revising the previous movies (out of which only the third holds some respect in my eyes, rest of them are pretty okayish and don't even get me started on David Yates please), so I bought some costly IMAX tickets and braced myself with some popcorn.

Well, turned out, popcorn were good. They were salty, soft, butter coated, and possessed an amazing instantaneous ability to melt between human palates. And a pretty good deal too, 3 bucks for a large one. What? Movie? Oh yeah, the movie, I nearly forgot about that. It was fine. No wait, which movie you said? Harry Potter one? Oh it sucked. Oh Christ.

It. Sucked.

I don't see why the entire crew continued to make a parody of themselves under the burden of such a huge budget. And JKR? Well, she never really could interfere so we can't blame her I suppose. I mean, all the characters, everyone is passing on POOREST PJ's throughout the movie.

McGonagal, or however you spell that old witch's name, passes a terrible joke "Ooooo I always wanted to cast that spell!" when in a grim atmosphere she awakens the Hogwarts Guardians. And then in the end, Ron is all lewd about the Elder Wand. I mean, I think he's lusty throughout the movie, like a wasted boyfriend dripping saliva around an overly hot girlfriend. An adorable character, brought to such a mess. And then the miserable couple never get tired of kissing each other "Brilliant!" "Brilliant!" whenever they get a chance. Thanks Harry Potter Film people. Thanks.

When I returned home my mouth's taste was so bad (not literally, popcorn was good) I had to wash it off so I watched "The Godfather", and oh my, after that, I totally forgot that I was once so crazy a fan of Harry Potter that I failed my 10th Grade Maths exam because I was reading Order of the Phoenix before the exam because I had borrowed the book from some lame guy who would want it back after the exams end, so that he can read it again a few times in the holidays.

Anyway, in old times, I loved the books, no doubt about that. And fear not, fantasy lovers! 'The Hobbit' is coming soon.

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KinMin said...

Yeah, the movie was ok, I think movies can never do justice to the book! By the way, you should watch Zindagi na milegi dobara.. It was awesome, I watched both the same day, and trust me ZNMD was way better! :)
P.S. the transition is complete, please update your blogroll! :)

Tanya said...

You're right, okay, I'll def see ZNMD (am crazy about Hrithik!)

Tanya said...

Anony's comment has been considered. It can't be published but we must say that it has forced a forgotten smile upon our face.

Arkantos said...

Well, I haven't watched HP yet. I'm not excited either. For me, the series ended on July 22nd 2007. :|
Waise, I did see ZNMD...it was a pretty cool movie. Feel good wala. Do watch it!

Anonymous said...

;) hehee..

Tanya said...

@Arkantos, yeah it all ended with the books, right.

@Anony, ;)

Anonymous said...

saw ZNMD, and found it good, was too desperate to watch HP, but since I live in a village where no hollywood movie gets released. I need to wait a while, will be in a situation to comment only when I see it.

Tanya said...

^^ Methinks mesa should give ZNMD a try. But alas, me too lives in a certain village where no bollywood movie gets released.

Arkantos said...

I finally saw Harry Potter in IMAX yesterday. IMAX was awesome...and the movie, well...I guess I cannot agree more with what you said. Here's the stuff that I hated :
1. Voldemort and Harry hugging each other and boxing and stuff. I guess I shouldn't say Voldemort. I should call him Voldy the clown.
2. Voldy the clown hugging Draco Malfoy.
3. McGonagall banishing Slytherin house and every laughing and cheering when thousands of death eaters stand outside to kill them. And of course those magic words of "oooooh! I always wanted to cast that spell."
4. As you said, Ron looked like dumb jock of a boyfriend. Nothing less. Nothing more. (sad... :(). He and Hermy-oh-ninny kissing each other at the most inappropriate moments.
5. Mrs. Weasely calling Bellatrix a bitch and then hitting some spell that shatters her...I mean, come on...if people could shatter each other as if they were glass, why all the fuss about Avada Kedavra...Voldy the clown could have shattered all the Potters with a flick of his wand. But then Mrs. Weasely's the most powerful witch out there, isn't she?
(and many more...but this is a comment and not a blog post, so I restrict myself :P)

Arkantos said...

The only part of the movie that I simply loved was the entire sequence of events following Snape's memory uptil when Voldy the clown thinks he's killed him. That convo with Dumbledore was damn good!

Tanya said...


How truly you speak dude! All that hugging was gay and then I totally agree with the rest of the points. I just didn't elaborate them as well as you did in the comment, but thanks! You depicted my feelings, perfectly.

And yes, when I came home, I too said to my friend, so the only two scenes that were really good and intense were: Snape's memories and DD's limbo scene.

What I think is, only very few chars stayed honest to their role, of which Snape and DD are among the top.

Anyway, it's all past now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a crap review. Horrible grammar and poor sentence structuring. You didn't even mention the bad points of the movie. You do realise this is a movie, and you cannot put every aspect from the book in it. The part where Harry talks to Voldy during the book would have been disastrous in the movie. They are two very different mediums of art. But it seems like you're the only one, seeing how it got 96% on Rotten Tomatoes (with 100% from Top Critics). Lets just say their opinion over yours.

Tanya said...


"Horrible grammar and poor sentence structuring." Sorry, I come from a country where English is not the native language, hence I kindof suck at it. I'd be much obliged if you could point some specific areas where I've made such errors.

"Wow, what a crap review. You didn't even mention the bad points of the movie." Well I am not qualified or educated enough in Film art to be a critic of this movie and in no way the above post was a movie review. It's just a blog post with my personal opinions.

"You do realise this is a movie, and you cannot put every aspect from the book in it." I'd suggest you to read and watch the LOTR series rather than trolling around on random blogs.

"But it seems like you're the only one, seeing how it got 96% on Rotten Tomatoes (with 100% from Top Critics). Lets just say their opinion over yours." You're free to follow the opinion of any goddamn person or website on Earth, I never implied mine was better.

Thanks for being so courageous by taking your anguish out in anonymity, while being a nice troll overall. Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

YES!! plus this fucking movie makes no sense! Why change the whole Snape looking for harry to tell him the secret and getting caught by other professors and escaping, it would make sense with snape being good, but OH NO!! they make that stupid scene in which HP pops out of nowhere in the hall and yells how much of a coward snape is (he had no invisible cape at hand so how did he get in there without being spotted?) and snape aims his wand at harry (throws away the whole snape being good and looking for harry to tell him what dumbledore wanted) I hate this movie!!! And i hate the fact it has a 96% on rotten tomatoes, is everyone that effin' blind by this fad that they didn't realize it was a mediocre film, rushed and poorly written? If you got youtube look for Justinian43, and anonymous, shut the hell up this movie sucked and rotten tomatoes has been dead wrong about a lot of movies either giving bad review to great movies or the other way around.

Tanya said...

^^Oh god, I wish I could hug you for saying that. I seriously beleive that RT just got bought by warner bros or something, I have stopped trusting it since the past year. Their ratings are now as wasted as IMDB's ratings...anyway that's what happens when you become too big; you lose your integrity. I hope wikipedia never looses that.

That's an interesting youtube channel btw.
Thanks for speaking out the truth.

Anonymous said...

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Shivani said...

I was disappointed too by the movie, though sad that there are not anymore Harry Potter movies to look forward to. The Hobbit was good, have you watched it yet? If so, when is your blog post coming out on that one? Looking forward to that! :)

Tanya said...

^^Well, I never really got around to watch Hobbit. Lately, I've kinda really stopped watching movies, unless they are reallllyyy good. I prefer novels better.

But maybe I'll post a review of Life of Pi sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Yep agree with everything you've said. Cannot get my mind around how people like it so much and the good reviews. No wonder it got no oscars its mediocre at best

Anonymous said...

Never ever insult Harry Potter

Anonymous said...

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