Why Grad Life is Awesome?

Professor X sat staring at me and I could feel myself shrinking down before his gigantic eyes.

"So make sure you pay attention to your second paper. I don't want you to tell me later that this one also came back like the first one."

"Uh-yes, yes, I'm trying my best-"

"Don't try, just get it published."

"B-but, the-the data is not good, I can't help it. And the topic is also not very innovative. But I'm trying my best to write a good discussion on whatever I've got."

"Topic not good? How come Prof. Goswami got so many papers out of it? Did you read them? They've got a bunch of papers on this topic. Don't tell me you can't even get one paper out of it. Don't tell me you can't. All right, see you next week, I've other things to do now. Have the draft ready by then."

Little did Prof. X knew why Prof. Goswami got a bunch of papers on a shitty topic so easily. Following are the reasons:

1. Prof. Goswami is from an AWEsome university.
2. Prof. Goswami has got 400 papers. (Prof. X has got 40 papers.)

Thus, when peer reviewers see the name of Prof. Goswami on a submitted paper, they tremble in fear, sweat in profusion, wet their pants a lil bit, and finally accept whatever comes from the Goswami group of AWEsome university.

That's how academia works.

What are books? What is music?

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Neeraj Kumar said...

Yes,So ture. It happens everywhere.

Again an effortless read and you are growing tremendously as a writer with every new post.

ani_aset said...

sheeh sad state man :( is that indian uni or foreign?

Tanya said...

Thanks Neeraj!

its phirangi univ...

Arkantos said...

@Tanya - Very true...I guess they are changing the system now (at least for the major CS conferences). They are coming with up something called double-blind where the authors don't know who the reviewers are and the reviewers don't know who the authors are.

Tanya said...


I hope it happens soon...

Rajendra Raikwar said...


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