End of Exams

So I tried something new (which took painfully long), so let me know if it's worth it. If you got even a single laugh out of it, well wait that's too much, even if it makes you smile, lemme know, I'll consider making more things like these.

Or if it's just pure crap, then lemme know too!

Current Book: "1984" By George Orwell
Current Music: "Telephone Dhun" A.R. Rahman.

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Ashish Daga said...

lolzzzzz....nice one :P....hoping that will get A's though...;)....how was urs though ?

Tanya said...

Zomg A's? You're very intelligent sir! Hope we were made the same way by God :(

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. Brought a smile on my face after seeing the post, and a wider smile after reading the comments above.. :)

Tanya said...

Am bringing smiles in world, hell yeah!

Ashish Daga said...

@anonymous - is that Nishant ;)....
Anyways u need to have a article on the sad weather....we have had over 6 months of cold and its May :-o....or let me right a guest blog :P

Dk said...

This is Nishant, Anony above is an old reader of this blog.

Yeah Ashish, I don't know what Tanya's doing with this blog. . .

Anonymous said...

hahhaaa.. What's all this Tanya thinga all about nishant.!!

Tanya said...


You can surely write a guest post if you want, just send me your writeup by email. I'll edit it and format it to upload it here (if I like it).. :)

Shivani said...


Tanya said...

@Anony and @Shivani


Ira said...

Ha ha ha! The last one cartoon of grades was brilliant! Definitely do more of this.

Tanya said...

Thanks, sure!

Ashish Daga said...

@Tanya - Thanks for the offer. Let me give it a shot and it should be about the weather :)
@Nishant - We are taking over ur blog....muhahahah :P

Tanya said...

I look forward to it Mr. Daga!

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