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So this is a totally useless post for this week so you may not really need to read it if you're looking for something which you usually look for when you visit this blog. However, if you happen to like me and are in the bandwagon of those silent yet loyal followers who are often curious to know how my life is screwing up as a function of time, you're welcome to stay.

So lately, I was given this blog award and all and am pretty much new n excited towards this stuff. I guess this isn't that huge a deal in the blogosphere but I guess it's a nice gesture especially when it is done to a lesser creature like us. So here we do the formalities for acceptance of Liebster award (I first thought I got a free lobster or something but no, no free food here)

So, thanks Devan for this kind gesture.

And now I guess I've to pass it on to five beloved bloggers. And that put me in lot of trouble first because I think I love nobody and then at the same time I love everyone a lot but only in exact same proportion. But then it occurred to me, there have been some regular people commenting on my rants and possibly in some deep, dark corner of my heart they are the most beloved to me. So naturally award goes to them (in no particular order) (really sorry if I missed some1, am very sleepy at this moment):

Shreya, at Life Unlimited
Neeraj, at Probing Life
Kirklops, at Interstate 42
Rangr, at Intasa

These people are kind of just awesome. Thanks for visiting here and making your presence felt guys because it makes my day. It really does.

And on other news on my life, this week I'm travelling for the ultimate PhD interview in a university which is supposedly #1 in my specialization in US. I'm pretty tensed. I'll share the details of the event live from their campus soon next week.

Current Book: "Selected Stories" by Edgar Allan Poe
Current Music: "Tanha Dil.. Tanha Safar.." by Shaan

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Shreya said...

Thanks so much Tanya!! Means a lot!!! Keep writing, and we'll keep reading :)

Kirklops said...

Have been out for a while, busy with work trying to not get advisor pissed. Didn't see this till today. Thanks Tanya. My first award and it means a lot.

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