The curse on the ugly people

I have always believed that ugly or plain looking people like me are in someway cursed. We were not meant to enjoy the trivialities of life as most other people do.

Often people come and ask me, "What's the purpose of life?", and I stare right back at them in reply and penetrate my gaze deep down their eyes to check if that's really what they're asking. Because if they are, it's too trivial a question to ponder upon. "What's the purpose of life?" Don't you know? Don't we all know? Inherently, aren't we equipped to answer this? Aren't we fulfilling that very purpose, silently, every day, every moment?

We are the ants. Not the grasshoppers.

The purpose of life is to live. It's that simple.

Biology has defined this purpose and we, as living beings, adhere to it, no matter we realize it or not. We live, and we want to live incessantly and that immortality is achieved by producing work or offspring.

The people who look plain/ugly/not-beautiful and also believe that they are so, suffer from this coupled inferiority/superiority complex which makes them think that they are different from rest of the beautiful people. Their inferiority complex makes them work harder to achieve the same level of happiness they think others might be having, and their superiority complex encourages them to achieve a different or an elite bliss which, according to them, others might not be destined to have. And then, we, ugly people,  pursue science or art and excel in such arenas so that our beautiful peers can reproduce and their children may prosper. We must then stay in our labs, in our closed cubicles, away from the world, because if we went out to flirt and fool around, who will save the dying world and solve the upcoming energy crisis? Who will write great literature that will teach the upcoming generations the important lessons of life?

After all, we want immortality and for our species to live continuously, each of us must play our part. When I see a very hot girl or a handsome guy working hard alone on creating great work, I deem it as an insult to his/her fate. That's wastage of gifted talent. Or perhaps, they also "believe" that they are not beautiful enough and hence have joined the crowd of ugly.

And you'll always see that people who make it to the very top or to the very bottom have always found themselves lost in a combination of inferiority/superiority complex and it's a fine ratio that governs the slope of life. Those who are too satisfied, too happy, and too content with what they have, continue to live happily ever after and prosper as a family does. But we, the ones with this gnawing rage, this maddening thirst, and shimmering desire, must continue to look for answers.

We suffer from this disease, this disease called "inspiration" and I must suffer and toil till I find my treasure.

This is my curse. And this is my gift. How about you?

Current Book: "Selected Stories" by Edgar Allan Poe (Haven't read single page in past 4 months)
Current Music: "Yahan ke Hum Sikander" from Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

I am sorry for the people who consider external appearance a measure of self worth. The purpose of life is to transcend our baser, animal selves, and use our higher suprahuman selves to lead all of creation to enlightenment. Your gift is no curse, it is just that you are evolved enough to be blessed with it. Enjoyed the writing.

C. Suresh said...

Well! Reminds of things I said in my post 'Stress and Achievement'. Not about ugliness but about dissatisfaction. I, however, am living proof that it is possible to be ugly and idle:):)

amit ganguly said...

I liked the sentence 'The purpose of our life is to Live'. Surely, it goes deeper than that in search of the true treasure for which we all toil so hard.
Nevertheless, a great post indeed.

Tanya said...


I hope the purpose, as you defined it, was accepted by everyone, but as we see, most of the people do have animalistic lives, which is composed of "eat, sleep, and love". And still the world goes on. Thanks for your intriguing comment!

Thanks Suresh and Amit!


Well I dont wanna go into gyanwardhak mode and tell you not to go for outer beauty and all ....
But the thing is we live in a society where this shit is there.
Its not always about how ugly or how easy we go through the hurdles of the society its all about desires v/s destiny !!!
Life is a game between desires and destiny !! If your desires are beaten by the looks , you cant even think about beating the destiny !!!
A well written post overall !

Arkantos said...

Bilkul sahi kaha! I feel the same...caught in this inferiority/superiority complex!

Tanya said...

^^ So! Atleast someone feels the same. Welcome to the Gang of the Cursed. xD

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