Why Editors are Gay?


# Unfortunately we will not be able to use this work for _. We receive many well-written, compelling, stories, but can only take a very limited number due to constraints of space and style. We wish you the best of luck in placing your story elsewhere. Thanks again. Best of luck with this.

# Due to the large number of high quality flash fiction, our decisions were difficult to make. Unfortunately, we will not be able to include _ in issue 7, but we truly appreciate your interest in _. Please feel free to submit again. We are able to accept only 4 to 5 flashers a month.

# Unfortunately, we have decided not to accept it for publication. I wish you the best success in placing your story elsewhere, and hope to see more of your work.

# We appreciate the chance to read your poem. Unfortunately, the piece is not for us. Thanks again. Best of luck with this.

# Sadly, I regret to inform you that we are declining acceptance at this time. We enjoyed the work and found many of the ideas you presented interesting, but we don't feel the story is the best fit for _. Thank you again for sharing your work with us and we wish you the best of luck placing this story in another market.

# Unfortunately, I will be passing on _ this cycle. While I appreciate the opportunity to review it, it just didn't grab my attention as well as some of the other stories I received did.  Because my policy is to only accept the stories that will be published for the specific issue I am reading for and not building a back list of stories to be published, I am often forced to reject good stories simply because I don't have enough available slots and other stories just grabbed me more than others. I do hope to see other submissions from you in the future.

# We enjoyed reading it but after careful consideration have decided that we cannot use it at this time. Please feel free to submit other work to us in the future.







# Congratulations! Guest Editor _ has selected your poem “_” for the Issue X of _ Journal. Take pride in knowing that you are among only twenty writers selected from the hundreds who submitted to this issue.

I am writing to secure the proper rights to publish your poem. But first, a note about payment. [...]

Current Book: "The Call of Cthullu and Other Weird Stories" by H.P. Lovecraft (Since classes have started my reading would be utterly slow but FYI I'm focusing a bit on Romantic Poetry these days)
Current Music: "Sheran Di Kaum Punjabi" from Speedy Singh

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Ahimaaz Rajesh said...

After all those rejections, you're getting published. Congratulations!

How do you choose which publishers to send? Do you Duotope?

Tanya said...

Well, there were like 20 or so more rejection letters which I didn't include for sake of brevity. Thanks!

There's plenty of resources on Web to find pubs, I usually lurk around on these sites: Absolutewrite, Poets&writers, WD, FFW, Duotrope, SFWA and some public writing forums.

Ahimaaz Rajesh said...

The numbers say a lot (I believe) about how much you write than anything else which is a good thing

I've been taking aid from Dutrope. It's a bit addictive and it appears soon, sigh, my rejections would hit the double digit

VIPUL(Devil_liveD) said...

Congrats !! Tanya aka ....
Great Job !!

Arkantos said...

Congratulations! What? How? Where? When? Details please :)

Tanya said...

Let the rejections not stop you from writing my friend! Write, write, write!

Thanks ;)

It really pains me not to be able to share the details on this platform, it does. Perhaps I'll let you know in some other way ;)

Prerna Grover said...

Congratulations!! :) So happy for you! :)

Tanya said...

^^Thanku thanku!

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