Why Indians are Weird?

Why Indians are Awesome? is the real title actually. I just chose the other one so as to attract a different kind of audience from Google searches. (Yeah, no, that's not me in the picture.)

I was out with Prof. X for a conference and we were fooling around when I memorized a few snippets of our convo word by word.

1. They pass taunts- Scene 1, Act 1. [Few feet before entering a hotel]

Me: Omg, can't we try some affordable Inn? This looks like a grand hotel.
Prof X: No, this is close to Airport. Let's take this one. That's fine.
Me: (Makes constipated face)
Fat Receptionist: Sorry guys. We have only suits left. No normal rooms.
Me: (Drops jaw to floor)
Prof. X: (Draws out her card) That's fine. Give us two.
Me: (Whispers) But Prof! I don't have that much money. Can't we try someplace else first?
Prof. X: Why? You have money. It's fine, you're out of state, have an experience.
Me: Well, I don't have money. Of course, you have millions of dollars to play with in your project account.
Prof. X: (Makes very pissed off face, and is about to fire me when suddenly)
Fat Receptionist: (Barges in like a savior) Here's your total. How many receipts would you like?

And thus, Prof X. forgot about the taunt.

2. They have Arranged Marriages- Scene 1, Act 2. [At Dinner]

Prof. X: So I heard in Indiya people still do traditional marriages?
Me: (Blushes pink) Y-yes (Blushes red)
Prof. X: Aw really? I thought it was almost obsolete! You mean parents arrange everything for the young ones? (Gasps in shock at my nodding)
Me: It's slowly changing though. But yeah, it's still there. Even I'm going to do an arranged marriage. Nobody loves me :(

Such is my fate.

3. They are Greedy - Scene 1, Act 3. [In the middle of a highway]

Prof. X: So I guess we're done and we will go back to the hotel now.
Me: Umm, but, I-I was thinking if we could...
Prof. X: (Grunt) (Grunt)
Me: (Throat Clearing) I mean, just hang around a bit to see the mountains and all.
Prof. X: You have seen a lot already yesterday, there's nothing much in this deserted place. Let's go ba-
Me: But if we could- (Sobs)
Prof. X: (Grunt) (Grunt)
Me: (Makes most pitiable face in the world) {I'm good at it}
Prof. X: All right. All right. Don't worry Tanja. We have fuel, we have time, we're fine.

And thus my greed dragged Prof. X into quite dangerous one way narrow winding mountain passes.

Current Book: "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf (NOT FUCKING recommended)
Current Music: "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull (MARRY ME, PITBULL, PLZ)

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Anonymous said...

how do you get these thoughts... Nyc!!

Tanya said...

^^This time I wrote facts so didn't much of the thinking (Phew!)

But if you're asking abt the idea of the blog post, usually my idea of the post I note down during the week and then at the weekend, I merely publish that idea online and the blogpost is ready. Tada!

Arkantos said...

Yeah..the arranged marriage thing really surprises them!

Tanya said...

^^Sometimes they get freaked out! And then having multiple divorces is actually pleasant for them.

Ghost Rider said...

:-) Interesting conversations! Yeah we Indians are indeed weird in our own sweet way!

Tanya said...

^^ Sweet little brownies, I love'em!

Chandra said...

" It's slowly changing though. But yeah, it's still there. Even I'm going to do an arranged marriage. Nobody loves me :(

Such is my fate. "

Faisal Mukhtar said...

i love you.

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