A Crazy Day in USA

# I was fighting with my professor over an issue as usual and the conversation was now coming to an end. Professor X stood there, looking down at me with a stolid face and fiery eyes, and his lip trembled as he finished our talk with his pet line, "Don't argue with me." 

# I was sick after that incident and went to see the doctor the second time to find out they were not so happy to see my again for something as trivial as sore throat. Little did they know that I had spent the entire last night lying awake and coughing. When the old nurse asked me to remove my jacket to check the blood pressure on my bare arm, my t-shirt revealed a forgotten past of my life as it clearly advertised a gaming competition I had attended a while ago. 

"Oh! You used to play video games?" she asked with lifted eyebrows. 

"Yes...I-I used to play a lot..." I said, unsure of what to say, as pride heaved in my chest. But before I could say or think of anything else, she said something which left me speechless. 

"So, in India, a lot of kids have computers?

# I was at the pharmacy shortly after I saw her to collect my medicine. On the counter parallel to mine, waited an attractive young lady. She had engaged her fingers in straightening the locks of her blonde hair while listening to the chemist across the counter. The only snippet of the conversation that I could eavesdrop during my brief stay was a statement that was issued from the chemist's professional tongue,

"So this reduces the risk to 0.5% and this one reduces it further to 0.1%. But I would recommend you to use this and this, and that, every single day at the same time every time, if you want to avoid a baby at all costs.

Current Book: "The Call of Cthullu and Other Weird Stories" by H.P. Lovecraft (No progress :|)
Current Music: "Intil" by Menomena (Haunting music) (DEDICATED TO ANONY - OH I MISS U) 

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Abu said...


India's no.1 blog said...

Indeed a crazy day i must say...am sure there must have been another incident...or these two must be part of a jigsaw puzzle :) just my two pennies :)

Tanya said...

Thanks guys...

You're right, there were a couple more incidents, I just didn't remember them well the night I posted this.

Saras said...

It is a pity that still people in USA and perhaps in other parts of the world also think that India is under developed and not exposed to modern technologies, while their own institutions are full of Indian Techies holding high posts!

Tanya said...

^^So true. Sometimes I can't believe what kind of image India has out here...

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Great efforts

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